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The Company

Azteca Productos has well over a decade of experience in bringing cutting edge natural products to the marketplace.

Founded in the late 2001, Azteca Productos has since experienced a tremendous growth. Today Azteca Productos is a wholesale supplier for Milled flax seed formula and supplement, Chia seed, Inulin, and a wide variety of products.

We look forward to an opportunity to provide you with the service that you deserve. Contact us and discover how Azteca Products can help you improve your quality of life with healthy and nutritious natural supplements.

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About our founder

Sr. Carlos Vasquez - Azteca Products, Inc. Founder

Sr. Carlos Vasquez – Azteca Products, Inc., Founder

Carlos Vasquez was born in Cuba, the middle child with a younger brother and older sister. In May of 1980 he migrated to the United States in search of a better life.

At an early age he was introduced to Natural Medicine products. As the Latino community rely heavily on these proven effective remedies, he had experienced first hand what Mother nature can provide us and he was amazed on how you can improve your health if you use its ancient secrets wisely.

In his early years, Carlos was fortunate enough to attend the foreign trade institute, which he gain valuable experience in the import/export fields, U.S. Customs regulations as well as International contracts and procedures.

With that experience on hand, Azteca Products, Inc., first opened its doors in Los Angeles California in 2001.

Vasquez partnered with Mr. Jack Brown North from West Pharma Naturals, an experienced and technically advanced formulator. Since then, Carlos has gained extensive experience in manufacturing and formulation.

Today Mr. Vasquez continues to lead his entire company by example, a place where everyone strives for a commitment to both Quality and exceptional customer service, along with continuous improvement and a hard work ethic.


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